This is a poem I had written before my marriage.. Its supposedly a conversation between I and Ameya…….Just penning it down here to keep as remembrance 🙂

“I dream of a wedding of elaborate elegance
Diamond on my finger, sparkling ebullience
Five star hotel, and a suite as Marriage Hall
The stage so fancy, it would dumbstruck all….”

“My dress so beautiful, my make up so great
Wedding invite emblazoned on a silver plate
Pool side dinner, an experience opulent
Air conditioned air, and an affair luxuriant….”

I stopped to ask him, his plans for the day
With smile in his eyes, he just kept looking my way
His silence sinking in, I stood astonished
“No plans”, he shrugged, “Only aim to be married”

“Plan to just soak in the shyness in your eyes
To hold your hand and to renew our ties
To thank the guests, to pray for togetherness
To promise your parents, you would live as princess…”

“Will smell the mehendi in your palm, will take care of you my noor
Will try not to disturb your make up, when I am putting the sindoor
“But…….But wedding comes only once in a life…..!!”
“I know dear…..and I want the one where you will become my wife.. 🙂 ”

– Reshma Umbarje (~Reshma Umbarje Mahadeshwar – post the day this poem took real shape)